The difference of spiritual vision and perspective

Do you know the difference between the spiritual vision and perspective? Since


words are also similar, but is confusing, because the spiritual vision and perspective is something different, let's recap so as to be able to firmly tell the difference.


and spiritual vision for


First spiritual vision, but has been described repeatedly in this site, we will explain once again. By


psychic and spiritual vision, the world should not be seen primarily in the brain of psychics that to project and visualize, is called a spiritual vision expert to tell what is reflected there in Question .


Specifically, reflects the guardian spirits of the consultation's, it seems there are many that receives the message emanating from there. Psychic who do you to convey the message received from the guardian spirit.


guardian spirit to have everyone, but we put out a message for guiding the future of its people to a more better, we are no psychic, because you can not receive the message directly, psychic you receive a message to ask the litchi appraisal in person.


it by, for example, in the true feelings and mind of the intention of the man, you can get the information that does not appear originally.


is a perspective


spiritual vision, such as the feeling of the message and intention of the other party from the guardian spirits, whereas the force of seeing the invisible, become the subject of perspective is what would originally appear, physical It is something.


for example, because his far away in long distance relationship is, in some of the form that is actually present, but you can see it placed in close, can not be seen because you are far away.


in this way, can not be seen far away, called the perspective of the power to see what can not be seen to have been blocked by something. Or, you might want to or call a such as remote viewing, remote viewing, clairvoyance.


is he who is far away, but when and where such behavior as seen from the outside of what is being death can be seen, such as in his psychology and mind at that time, is not visible is invisible to the eye There is none.


This is the difference between the approximate spiritual vision and perspective.


if used properly the spiritual vision and perspective Since


spiritual vision and perspective is entirely different capacity, depending on the psychic, there are people who can only perspective with people who can only be spiritual vision. Is not human if problems that can be both spiritual vision and perspective, but if there are only one or the other of the psychic, does not go and does not distinguish according to trouble.


as just described, the situation such as he and objects that are far away, when viewed from the outside, if you want to see the actual thing, such as can also be seen on your own if you go in situ perspective, of his mind such as real intention, which is in, let's choose the spiritual vision appraisal If you want to know the things that are invisible to the naked eye.


spiritual vision is sometimes deviate


If in doubt or spiritual view or perspective, but you might want or not you should I Tazunere the original psychic who both can, thing called spiritual vision, consultation's compatibility and wavelength as the psychic in some, there are individual differences in the video to be displayed in the brain, there is also a beautiful Utsushidase not the case. If you determine the


as much as possible hitting high spirits vision appraisal of probability, you must also consider the compatibility of the ability of psychics as well as your own. Thing "because it is both the spiritual vision and perspective, No, if you try to ask the ●● teacher"


also think that, at worst is ●● teacher and your compatibility, the results of the Spirit vision appraisal is reliable It does not become.


if, it is also important to find a teacher to meet the compatibility and wavelength as not only a spiritual vision.