The difference of spiritual vision and divination, the difference of the psychic and fortune-teller

Do you know the difference between the spiritual vision and divination?


Some people are often confused the fortune-telling and litchi, but what is included is spiritual vision in the concept of divination to be precise.


fortune-telling can be classified into three types, to say that fortune-telling in the


word that spiritual vision is included in one of them, in fact, Inochibokusho (precious wood likely) 3 it can be divided into types.


life statistics, feng shui, is a fortune-telling based on the data, such as first and last name judgment.


Bok divination that uses a sixth sense, spiritual vision is classified here. It becomes spiritual, such as even Bok (I). It is

phase such as palmistry and face phase, use the physical data divination. Will also be classified as phase (so) if you use the physical tools, such as tarot cards and recommendations.


some, such as inspiration tarot, but there is also a combination of me and phase, please remember and basically there are three types.


In other words, spiritual vision and divination is not different things, is that spiritual vision is one of the three types of fortune-telling.


As I explained the difference of psychics and fortune-teller


now, because the fortune-telling and litchi is not necessarily equal, psychic and fortune-teller is different. It says that psychic is also a fortune-teller, but the fortune-teller does not necessarily psychic. People with psychic such as


spiritual vision and spiritual is, but you say that is a fortune-teller is a psychic, the person who carried out the divination in statistics or first and last name judgment, there is a fortune-teller is not a psychic. If


To begin with a brief description will be something


spiritual vision and spiritual vision, psychic is to see the guardian spirit of consultation person, convey to receive consultation's the message from the guardian spirits thing.


guardian spirits anyone is said to have, as the name suggests, is a spirit to protect its people. When the consultation who tried to Fumo the wrong road, is the presence that will lead you to not Fumihazusa the road.


However, normal people can not be able to receive the message from the guardian spirit, it is not to ask the litchi to the psychic.


to like to have a spiritual view, there is no sense to ask the expert to the fortune-teller


difference of spiritual vision and divination and psychics and fortune-teller difference why know of and say there is a need to place, when requesting there is something trouble appraisal, originally, also ask them to appraisal the trouble to have them appraised in psychic fortune teller, there is no sense at all.


of course, a reliable answer can not be obtained without going to hit.


spirit vision also is also disengaged be divination


spiritual vision is the power to project as an image of the world that does not seem to mind of psychics. Even though he is in a position to consult party and psychic leaves, spiritual vision is possible, is especially popular scry in a telephone fortune-telling.


However, there are individual differences in the video to be displayed, depending on the compatibility and the wavelength of the psychic consultation who, in order to be or could not see well, you can come off unfortunately.


a real psychic from hits, just because the outside does not necessarily mean that psychics of fake. Because it is statistical data with respect to


fortune-telling, of course, does not the fact that 100 percent. Click here to say that because out, does not necessarily mean fortune-teller is a fake.


for the story that do not need the information, such as date of birth to spiritual vision


litchi is the aforementioned street, because it is the act of displaying a video on a mind of psychic, does not require the data, such as date of birth of the consultation's.


psychic is often to have a suspicious image, there is a very pity, but unfortunately actually fake and bogus psychic, that such scammers exist some would be fact. In order to not be fooled by the


fake, as one way to spot whether or not a real psychic, "people come to hear the data of the date of birth is doubtful" There are people that. However, I personally is opposed to this opinion. While using also


spiritual view of the ability, to use even statistical data, both psychic who will try to approach from the process of the (fortune teller) also exist.


spiritual vision by compatibility and wavelength, is that there is unevenness in the appearance of the video. That's why making the appraisal using statistical data in an auxiliary manner we believe that it makes sense.


In addition, some psychics that the person who got the data, such as date of birth and the name becomes more clearly easier to see the video.


certainly, as a way to tell whether or not a real psychic, to whether or not listen to the date of birth to the litmus paper, it seems whether there is a certain effect. However, on the other hand we are pregnant also such kind risk of reducing the encounter of the chance of a psychic.


So, whether the psychic is whether real or fake, is still my opinion is that either should not go to tell in a different evaluation axis.
So, whether the psychic is whether real or fake, is still my opinion is that either should not go to tell in a different evaluation axis.
So, whether the psychic is whether real or fake, is still my opinion is that either should not go to tell in a different evaluation axis.