Psychic-spiritual vision appraisal of Tokyo

Since there salon, etc. that can be and spiritual vision appraisal a lot of psychics in Tokyo, will introduce to some pickup.



appraisers and services presented here is a summary of the objective information on the net, it does not necessarily have the evaluation, such as positive and negative.



◆ Ginza El Amor


fortune-telling and spiritual salon in Ginza, Tokyo. Not only in the spiritual vision appraisal, is the salon facing the appraiser to manipulate a variety of scry. About 15 people about the appraiser, including the spiritual vision appraisal is possible psychic has enrolled.


past, or are published in the magazine "anan", such as appraisal Atsushi Tamura talent, we service with name recognition has also been featured in the media.


can receive an appraisal calmly in a completely private room, is very popular with women shop in fashionable, customer satisfaction is that of the more than 95%.


Since the appraisal fee is a 30-minute 5000 yen, it would say that it is sufficiently profitable levels given the location in the Ginza.


because of the good location of Ginza, access is good, you can walk from the following five stations.


? Tokyo Metro Ginza Station
? Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Toei Asakusa Line Higashi Ginza Station
? JR Shinbashi Station
? JR Yurakucho Station
? Toei Oedo Line Tsukiji market station


◆ Akira Shoan (funny Shoan)


http: // myoshoan. info /


Akira Shoan is the fortune-telling salon set up a shop on the first floor Shinjuku Hilton Tokyo underground. Because it is a private room in the basement, you can receive a slowly appraisal in a quiet space where I do not think the city center. In our time of writing, appraisers that can be spiritual vision appraisal 4 people, appraisers that can be used for the psychic is one person. Since


luxury salon, face-to-face appraisal is little you enhance and 3000 yen 15 minutes. Samantha's appraisal is quite expensive and 30000 yen per hour. Because it is that of the celebrities and politicians and people often go incognito, if it is possible to meet the appraisers and fortune-teller that there is ability commensurate to it, it will not be never too high. I do not know and do not try to go whether meet a good appraiser.


? JR, private railway, subway "Shinjuku Station"
? subway "Nishi"
? Oedo Line "Metropolitan Government Station"


is within walking distance from the station.


◆ is Kazumi Mr.


Kazumi Yamazaki Yamazaki but is a psychic who is the spiritual vision museum selling at the office in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, has also Tokyo business trip.


Ms. Kazumi Yamazaki at the time of Hokkaido children left behind the incident, but who became a topic and had predicted the whereabouts of the children by the Spirit view. It also will remain, such as at the time of the tweet, please try to find those who are interested since it has been featured in many news sites.


In addition to Hokkaido left behind the incident, for the following incident, we wrote that the E seen in the spiritual view on blogs and Twitter.


? Okayama Prefecture Kurashiki by happened kidnapping
? Meguro Japanese woman murder took place in the disjointed affair
? Canada in Vancouver that occurred in Himonya park
? Aomori high school girl missing incident
? Chiba girls murder corpse abandonment incident


2017 of November, Tokyo business trip booking And buried until May 2018, it has become a state of about half a year waiting.


location is within walking distance from the following station in Akasaka Residential.


? Oedo Line Roppongi Station
? Hibiya Line Roppongi Station
? Chiyoda Line Akasaka Station
? Chiyoda Line Nogizaka Station